Urbanize Me

This morning I was wide-eyed by the one and only, Urban Outfitters! It is our (The Mr. and I) dream to have a lake cottage. Let me make that clear. Lake COTTAGE not lake HOUSE (we would even take a little shack on the water). We have a bazillion reasons why but I was reminded this morning of our dream when I saw some beautiful pieces via UO.

I picture our lake cottage as an escape from the typical work week...a comfy and welcoming resort...which is filled with bright and playful surroundings that match the life of those in it. In my dreamland mind I would challenge myself to get away from "new" things while planning the little space.

Upcycling, perfect. Flea markets, oh baby. Hand-me-downs, for sure!

Well, until my dream becomes a reality, (oh, pretty pretty please) I am inspired by some lovely pieces that would easily fill our dream lake cottage.

Oh yeah!
A couple of these would be lovely.
This would be "mamas" chair!
I could put a drink on this, easily.
Wet beach towels?!?!
Details, beautiful...
Bedroom numero uno.
Bedroom dos.
and maybe the third.

And a little rug lovin'!

Even though I couldn't afford most of these things, there wasn't much that I turned my head from on the site

It sure does make me want to go antiquing and have a day or two of DIY projects!

Task at hand: $AVE, $AVE, $AVE!

Image (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)


Having It On-Hand: Part 2

Being prepared is a good thing. If you missed my earlier reasoning check it out here.

When it comes to gifting, not only should you have a lovely card but also a perfect gift. Is there such a thing as a perfect gift? I’m starting to believe it to not be true!  Have you ever wished you had something on-hand for a secretary, child’s teacher, or an acquaintance/friend? I know I have! Save yourself the hassle and keep a goody box of little gifts you can give to these people for a special occasion.

 I’ve compiled a list of some fun items to have on hand for great gift giving.  Even better...they're under 10 bucks! Happy gifting!
Ikea $3.99

Pier One $6.00

Pier One $2.98
Pier One $5.00

Pier One $6.00

Pier One $5.21
Target $9.99
Pier One $4.00

West Elm $8.00

West Elm $6.00

Crate and Barrel $9.95

Crate and Barrel $9.95

Disclaimer: I realized most of these items fit the younger female taste. Oops! Make sure you have some other more versatile items too. (I was thankful this Christmas when I had fun butter knifes on hand for my school secretaries.)


Having It On-Hand: Part 1

Being prepared is a good thing. It alleviates any crazy last minute decisions, saves you money, and allows you to be ready in a heartbeat. Those are all great things, right?!

Recently, I ran to one of my most treasured places in our place, the closet. I was in need of a birthday card and did not have time to go out and get one. (I looked dumbfounded at The Mr. when he asked if I got one when I picked up the gift. Ha, unfortunately it never crossed my mind.) Luckily, I was prepared and a little organized prior to the outburst. In my hallway closet I keep a few of my goodies in photo storage boxes. Within one of the boxes I keep greeting cards on-hand for times like these. 

Find like photo storage boxes here for only $3.99. 

I have different sections with these labels:
  • Blank
  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Baby
  • Sympathy
  • Thank You
  • Miscellaneous

My photo storage box comes in handy often. It is a relief to this forgetful mind! 

I accumulate cards whenever possible. I enjoy the 99 cent cards and often look for ones on sale. If you want to save your pretty little self some time, make a greeting card box. Make sure to get cards for all ages and all genders. Don’t forget some monogrammed note cards for yourself! Also, make sure you have stamps and address labels for use. Someday, when we meet our home that awaits us, I look forward to purchasing one of these with our very own home address.

Wouldn’t this be a great house warming gift?!

Be an encourager and send some snail mail!


16.4 lbs.

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Dana at House Tweaking, she inspired me to spend time doing some light reading. Her post came at a perfect time, spring break! I am saying NO to school work/grading papers and instead am spending my week enjoying the Destin sun with a book or two in hand. I’m stoked!  Thankfully, my community library was oh-so-kind to let me borrow some lovely books. (Although, sometimes I don’t think they’re kind when it seems like I always owe them money!)

Here’s the lineup for the week, we’ll see how far we get……

P.S. I am so nerdy I made a KWL chart on what I know about house and home in my inspiration file. (Yes, teacher friends, you now have officially labeled me CRAZY.)

K= What do I know?
  • not much, some thanks to my mom

W= What do I want to learn?
  • everything I don’t already know, mostly want to be inspired or challenged

L= What did I learn?
  • yet to be determined-probably more than this brain can handle or should I say “remember”

I’ve got lots to learn and hope to share all the happiness with you when it comes full circle!

(Why 16.4 lbs you ask? It is the weight of these lovely books...awesome, maybe I'll get some exercise this week too!)


Wait For It

While I was at church on Sunday, something struck me as “oh-yeah”. (I’m sad to admit it wasn't anything too spiritual or intellectual.) I can hardly remember the context or story my pastor was sharing but it stuck with me. He said that in his family they never buy something the first time they see it. Duh! I realized that is definitely the smart way to go. Looking back, there are some purchases that come to mind. Please let me explain.

When we moved into our new place I begged The Mr./saved/waited for the rug of my dreams (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration). I really wanted it. Every time I was in Target, I checked on it. I wanted to make sure it was still there. I couldn’t help but run up to it with my fingers crossed to see if it had gone on sale (we believe in sales, big time). Unfortunately, Target didn’t have the right kind of coupon I needed for it and my Chase Rewards Points weren’t high enough for me to get a free gift card to Target. I waited for it… and guess what…it went on sale. I got $50 off my purchase. I was glad that I had waited.

Isn't she pretty? My favorite colors! I'm still in love.

Of course, it didn’t end with the rug. I needed the perfect pillows. I don’t know how long or how many places I looked for just the right pillow. One day I decided to buy the right-color-blue fabric napkins to make my own pillow cases for my couch. I bought them but waited to sew.
Then a cool thing happened…we were visiting friends in Chicago and went into the Crate and Barrel Outlet. (Ok, hands down, one of the coolest outlet stores ever! You always get good deals there!) As I was browsing, I saw my old pillows on the shelf. (sucker punch,maybe?) Seeing my outdated pillows on the shelf gave me more inspiration for finding the right addition for our new abode.

Glancing across the store, I saw lovely blue pillows. Now wait… the awesome thing about C&B is you can just buy the pillow case and not the insert. (Luckily, I got C&B pillows for my wedding!) With lots of excitement in my voice I bravely asked the sales clerk the price of the case….she said they were ten bones. Yes, TEN BONES! I was on top of the world or just really giddy about my new find. (By the way, I returned my napkins.) It was worth the wait and the journey.

They're fun and bright! I think the thing I like best about them is The Deal.

On the other hand, those stories make me think about things that I bought instantly and have no appreciation for in our place. Like my shower curtain, can I say boring! Or how about my bedroom curtains! Yuck! Or my bedside lamp, no fun. I bought those items quickly and would give them up easily. 

If you know me, you know I'm not a fan of red! 
(Have I mentioned that I can't wait for our home that waits us. HA!)
 It will not have these!
 See the tiny lamp in the corner?

Buying the right pieces for your home is worth the wait. So roll with me as I try to put into practice...

“Don’t buy on the first try.”
(Unless… you’re at HomeGoods…. it will be gone in an hour!)

Have you ever experienced a proud purchase like mine?


A Gotta Get!

There are some objects that I am a total believer in. When it comes to the house, I can’t help but share. Check out today’s “Gotta Get”.

“Gotta Get” Stats:

What: Flower Frog…trust me, they’re awesome!

Location: Ebay or antique stores

Price: $2.99+++

Size: Small but mighty!

Purpose: Well….

Real purpose: Used to hold flower stems in a vase.
My Purpose: Used to hold pictures, recipe cards while cooking, special postcards and baby announcements that come through the mail, a small calendar on a desk, important reminders, business cards, menu for a dinner party, name cards at a table, labels for edibles at an hors' doeuvres party (try spelling that one!), or a simple paper weight.

Why they’re so hotttt….Uh….aren’t they the cutest little thing ever!!! These are not only intriguing to the females but men can't keep their hands off them. They definitely bring a little vintage to a dull counter or unexciting desk. They WILL be the party stopper. Well maybe just a little old school something worth mentioning.

Check out my minis

Great for recipe cards.

Might want to keep out of reach of the kiddies.

Image (1)


House Tour: Our humble Abode

I laugh when I read the title, House Tour. If you can even call it that! Here is a snapshot of our 770 square foot abode. I took some extra time (when I say extra I mean quite a bit of time) to dissect the pictures. It was fun to remember where my goodies came from. Most of what I have now is a hand-me-down, wedding gift, or recent birthday/Christmas gift.  


(Hope the arrows didn't make you throw-up!)

More to come on personal faves and best buys!


DIY: Magnets

I am a do-er. I like to “do”.

Do you know people like that? Maybe you know one real well, maybe it's you.

I learned it well from my dad’s endless pursuit of entrepreneurship ideas and my mom’s favorite hobbies of cooking, gardening, reading, decorating, and cleaning, and more cleaning. In my house we were always “doing” even if that meant waking up way before the sun came up. Inherently, I would rather do something then be still. (Now don’t get me wrong, occasionally I force myself to sit and be content.)

At times, the active part of me is a good thing. It propels me to try something new, finish a project (which I am oh so bad at!), or just get something done off of my to-do list. And sometimes, it leaves me bored when I lack inspiration or motivation to do anything. I often find myself resorting to a craft or upcycle of some sort when I have the energy. (I think this is when The Mr. finds me the craziest.) I don’t know where I get my ideas from, they are usually not my own. But I sure am thankful for them!

One summer night I must have been bored out of my mind or super inspired by something I saw at an antique store in Minneapolis. I decided to make my own magnets. All I needed were a few tools and some lovely trinkets. 

Here’s my material list:

  • ·        button magnets
  • ·        hot glue gun
  • ·        clip-on earings
  • ·        buttons
  • ·        pliers

Here's what seemed to entertain me on one boring night...

Laying it all out to see what I had. The pliers were used to take off the backs of the buttons and earrings.

 Clip-on earrings make the cutest magnets! You might need to give your grandma a call.

 magnet + hot glue+ buttons= a happy little sandwich

I was bold and used three buttons for the magnet. Oh yeah!

Wa-la! Don't they dazzle the lovely photos our friends have sent us?!

Maybe you’re bored out of your mind and need a fun quick project. Grab your supplies and create your own little beauties.

Me wishing you happiness instead of boredom!